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18 News Paranormal: Ghosts that checked in to the Lindenwald Haus (Part II)

Last week, 18 News reporter Julio Avila and the Elmira Volunteer Paranormal group brought you the first part of their investigation at the Lindenwald Haus. Now, Julio and the group reveal whoever was with them had to say.

Last week, Mike Meck, the owner of the Lindenwald Haus, shared his experiences with the group. Some of those experiences included lights turning on and off, doors swinging and contractors quiting because of tools missing and later reappearing.

"I was looking for a couple measurements down there, in the build of the haunted house and I turn the light on, walk all the way down to one end of it, just get to it and the light would turn off," Meck explained to the group. "I had to get the cellphone out, turn on the phone light and walk all the way back."

During that evening's investigation, the group's equipment did pick up some sound, wondering where it all came from.

"We definitely had a very haunted building there," Adam Nichols, the lead investigator with the Elmira Paranormal group, said during a reveal of E.V.P's (Electronic voice phenomena-- disembodied voices caught on an audio device.)

A few days later, Julio, Nichols and Meck gathered back at the Lindenwald Haus to show Meck what the recording devices picked up.

Adam starts by playing a recording where two of the investigators, Mike and Michelle, were on the third floor hearing footsteps. Above the third floor is the attic.

"There's nobody above us," Mike said in the recording, after hearing the footsteps. Meck said he could hear the footsteps clearly.

"That's kind of creepy," Meck said, as he laughed. "That really is."

The next recording, Nichols said, was taken on the second floor by the elevator.

"We couldn't make out the whole thing, but it sounds like 'good kids.,'" Nichols explained as he played the recording.

"Any luck with the SB-7?" Mike the investigator says on the recording, with Nichols replying, "No, not really." Then a whispering voice can be heard, "Kids."

"'Kids' for sure," Meck said. "You can't make out what it said before that."

The next recording, Nichols reveals, was taken on the third floor. He said another whispering voice can be heard. The group thinks the voice said, "Mike"

"Why are they picking on Mike," Meck asked, with a laughter. 

"Well we weren't sure if they were picking on my investigator," Nichols explained. "Or if they were talking about you ."

After the evidence was presented, Meck said he is convinced the house is haunted.

"I think it is in fun, I don't think it's bad at all," Meck said. "It just raises the hair on your neck."

There were more experiences and footage that did not make it to this segment. Extra content can be found on MyTwinTiers.com later this week. 

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