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18 News Paranormal: The restless souls of Breesport (Part II)

BREESPORT, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - On Monday, 18 News reporter Julio Avila and the Elmira Volunteer Paranormal group took us to a cemetery in Breesport. It is said those buried there are still walking the site.

The cemetery was incorporated on July 8, 1884. The land was owned by Joseph Rodburn. He owned many plots of land throughout Chemung County and donated the land for this cemetery.

The EVP has visited the cemetery several times before. It consists of Adam Nichols, the lead investigator, and his colleagues Michael Pangallo and Michelle Wheet.

They said they have always left with intriguing pieces of evidence. Most of the evidence consisted of audio recordings.

"A very strange energy here. I don't want to say it's hostile, but I don't want to say it's peaceful either," Nichols said. "It's hard to place a finger on it to know exactly."

This night, the group did not go empty handed. They did get some questionable recordings. One of those recordings, Nichols said, had a connection with a search they did in 2010. They believe it is the spirit of someone in agony.

"Now I'm very interested in putting it together and see if I can get some answers," Nichols said. "Or if I'm going to be left with more questions."

Click on the video to see and hear what they uncovered.

Julio Avila and the group will revisit a location they visited last year, following up with whatever may be walking through the home. That's Monday, November 5 on 18 News at 11 p.m.

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