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20-year-old Horseheads restaurant may not see 21st anniversary

HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - A local eatery in Horseheads is starting off 2018 with bad news-- It will be closing down soon, but not by choice. The owners say they're being forced out.

The restaurant's owner said another small business already bought out their space, the landlord accepted, but were not given the chance to negotiate.

"Our landlord told us that another local business had offered her $1,000 more a month than we were currently paying in rent to occupy this space," Kim Savino, a co-owner of Hanover's Grille, said.

The building's current owner, Mindy Edwards, bought the building from its previous owners back in July. 

Now, another local business wants that space. At the higher rent price that business offered, Savino says it's putting pressure on their operation.

"We're not being bought out, we're being pushed out," Savino said. "So that means it's not like somebody's paying us for our business and we can go somewhere else and start over."

Savino says, however, that she and her co-owner were not given a new lease in July. She said rent was paid month-to-month.

Last Wednesday, she said Edwards came into the the restaurant, thinking it was to discuss a lease. Instead Savino says it was just bad news.

"she sat down and said to us both, she said 'I'm just going to say because there's no easy way to say it-- I'm not renewing your lease.,'" Savino explained.

Savino and the co-owner have until January 27 to vacate the building.

She said she won't fight back. With the news of the grille closing, the community and even other businesses have stepped forward to provide support.

"We had a local restaurant in the square come to us today and they have just acquired a building," Savino said, "and asked if we would want it, she felt very bad for us."

She said people have offered to pay more and give money to match what the other business would pay in rent.

18 News reached out to Edwards for comment on the situation Requests for comment have gone unanswered.

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