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Another mural has popped up in Corning

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The Alley Art Project strikes again. Another mural has popped up in a Corning alleyway.

After months of hard work, students of the High School Learning Center are proudly showcasing another project for the city to enjoy. 

The piece is the brainchild of a partnership between the school and the Rockwell Museum. It's the ninth one made so far. 

"(It's to) create a project that would be public and to bring more visibility to the students and connect them more strongly to the community," Rockwell Education Director Gigi Alvare said. 

It's a point of interest they can bring their families and future children to, showing they belong to something that will remain standing in their society.

"I was a part of most of the other murals and I just find it wonderful to be part of the mural community," Karen Smith, a HSLC graduate, said. 

What makes this mural different from the last eight is that it's the first one to be visible while standing on Market Street.

Every year, the inspiration comes from work found in the Rockwell. This year's came from a collection by Judith Lowry called "Family: Love's Unbreakable Heaven."

The new mural, titled "The High School Learning Center Family: What Is Family To You?" highlights not just different figures in the school but also who they are within context of the school. 

The piece features a musical figure, both shy and courageous individuals, a sporty figure, and more. 

Additionally, the symbolism of the red ribbon shows they're all tied together.

You can find the mural on the southeast corner of Market and Chestnut streets across Tire World. 

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