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Apple and Cheese festival draws thousands to Canton

CANTON, Pa. (18 NEWS) - Thousands of fans flocked to Canton this weekend to check out Pennsylvania's 28th Annual Apple and Cheese Festival.

There was plenty of apples and cheeses to choose from, plus baked goods, a petting zoo and different crafts.

"We had 6,400 people come through the gates and they're constantly replenishing, and bringing in apples," said Cheryl Newton, chair of the festival.  "Families just go and have a great time, enjoy the scenery, a small town feel and that's what we like."

Brad Morgan of Canton comes to the festival every year.

"I like the food, the wife likes all the different things they buy but it's all good, I'm here for the food," said Morgan. "Different meats, I've done the wine tasting, we had some funnel cakes, we try to do it up!" 

While the festival attracts foodies, Suzanne Giffin traveled to the festival from Elmira to pick up apples and a homemade broom.

"I like to get the homemade products as much as possible, and support local vendors and it's kind of hard to find a nice broom now a days," said Giffin. 

The festival started as a small craft fair and evolved throughout the years with more vendors and activities for all the enjoy.

To learn more about the festival, visit http://www.paapplecheese.com/

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