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Beer and Cider Ice cream now legal in New York State

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The passage of a bill in the New York Assembly now makes it legal throughout the state for breweries, such as Upstate Brewing Company in Elmira, to sell beer ice cream which would contain a maximum of 5% alcohol.

Don't get too excited, according to Beth Spaziani, co-owner of King Kone, don't expect that beer flavor in your ice cream anytime soon. 

"I don't think so we have four soft serve ice cream machines and to tie one up with beer flavored ice cream I'm not sure that would go over so well," Spaziani said.

However, this new innovation will allow for growth in other industries such as breweries and creameries in New York state, that's according to Mike Cooper, Head brewer at Upstate Brewing Company.

"I think if our region can offer something all New York State, brewed with our beer, made with New York State creameries, it would be kind of cool to link the two businesses," said Cooper.

Cooper says a product like this could do well, especially in our region during the summer.

"This time of year this region I can see it kind of catching on pretty well," Cooper said, "we tend to get more in the wine region business so I can see it going over in that crowd pretty well."


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