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Bradford County hosts annual Eastern Primitive Rendezvous

BRADFORD COUNTY, Pa. (18 NEWS) - Thousands flocked to Bradford County this weekend to experience what life was like in the 1640 to 1840 time period.

Horses and carriages roamed through the grounds off Locust Road in Smithfield Township for the 41st annual Eastern Primitive Rendezvous.

Bradford County is hosting the event for the first time.

"It's going to be an asset for Bradford County because these people are buying groceries in Bradford County, gas and everything like that and yesterday we had over 400 visitors here from the local area and New York State," said organizer Dave Wells.

The encampment stretches for acres, the grounds are covered with tents set up for visitors to learn about the Fur Trade Era, antique rifles and much more. 

Kathryn Bradley made her way from Tallahassee, Florida to Bradford County to sell handmade jewelry, clothing and antique guns and knives. 

"We come to this event which moves around the country for probably 20 years now so we just wanted to get out of the Florida heat and come up to Pennsylvania," said Bradley.

The heat in our area didn't stop many from wearing Western suede fringe head to toe as participants showed off their handmade clothes and handmade weapons from 1840.

"I want them to relive the history that brought this country alive and make them realize what men and women went through to this point," said co-organizer Chris Denmon. 

The event is going on until September 30th.  It's free for students on Tuesday. A $5 fee is asked of adults.

To learn more, visit http://epr.nrlhf.org/

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