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Car slams into house in Deerfield Township

DEERFIELD, Pa. (18 NEWS) - An apparent hit-and-run motor vehicle accident took place on County Route 49 in Deerfield, Pennsylvania causing a red Chevrolet Tahoe to crash into a nearby home at around 2:30 P.M. 

Knoxville Fire Department said the crash completely shifted the home off its foundation. Looking straight on, the house clearly tilts to the left. 

Three fire departments were on scene. One fire chief told 18 News that they believe it was a hit-and-run because the back bumper of the Tahoe was damaged.

Firefighters say the driver's bleeding legs were pinned under the dashboard and they used a Hurst tool to remove him from the car. They add he was later airlifted to a nearby hospital with his pregnant fiancé and three children who were in the vehicle too.

An elderly man and woman reside in the home. The man says he was in his back field on his tractor when he saw smoke coming from the front of the house and originally thought something was wrong with his gas meter. When he walked up, he saw the reported hit-and-run vehicle, which he adds was a black car, driving off erratically with a damaged front end. He grabbed his garden hose when he saw smoke and fire coming from the crashed vehicle's engine and put it out.

The homeowner's wife was in the house when it happened. Neither have any injuries but she mentioned to 18 News that she is a little shaken up and added she was trapped in the house. This was as a result of the home's foundation shifting which caused the doors to tilt off the frames, unable to be opened. She eventually released herself from a back door.

The reported hit-and-run vehicle was stopped by police just a few miles east of the accident on County Route 49.

The residents were not displaced from their home. 

Pennsylvania State Police do not have a motive at this time. 

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