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Chemung County Executive candidate switches political party platform for campaign

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Chemung County Executive hopeful Michael Krusen is no longer running on the Republican ticket.

He said he now has the backing of the Independence Party and will run on its platform.

The decision comes from what Krusen said is that party's "centrist and pragmatic" views on government.

"We don't need need Washington-style of partisanship politics that doesn't get anything done that we're not able to move forward collectively as a community," Krusen said. "At the end of campaigns there's so much bitterness that's residual to a campaign that it's hard to get back on track."

He added competition from opponent Sheriff Christopher Moss did not sway his decision. In fact he said he welcomes competition.

The county's Republican Committee chairman says he and the party now backs moss in this race.

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