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City and County quarrel over findings from research report

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - A study by the Center for Government research, a non-profit management consulting organization, shows that the Chemung County shared services initiative started back in 2015 has been widely successful, except for in the city. 

Mayor Dan Mandell blaming a $2.9 million loss for the city's financial problems. Chemung county Executive Tom Santulli called those numbers bogus. 

"The City of Elmira, and you heard me say this clearly, will not come clean with its finances, they may misrepresent where they are and it really is become a problem," Santulli said. "As county executive, for the mayor to stand up and say between the sales-tax change and the shared services the city loses $2.9 million, that's just wrong. That's deceitful."

He said the CGR Report clearly shows shows a net gain by the city of $1.6 million. Santulli added that other Chemung County municipalities saved with the shared-services practice and that Elmira is the exception.

Elmira Mayor Daniel Mandell, now firing back, said that's not true and that they lost almost two-and-a-half times more.

"The bottom line and the opinion with the city is that with the loss of the sales tax revenue basically does not offset what we saved in shared services," Mandell said. "We do save money in shared services."

Santulli said the city misrepresented figures and has not answered calls to verify any figures from the city.

City Manager Michael Collins said communication regarding this has been between Deputy County Executive Michael Krusen. Collins said He's only spoken to Krusen about this and never to Santulli.

"For the county executive to go on and basically go on a tirade about it because someone questions some numbers that need to be questioned," Mandell said, "to me is unacceptable, immature, but it's typical of this county executive on how he behaves when someone questions facts that he may have."

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