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Corning man arrested for stealing Tom Reed campaign sign

CORNING, N.Y. (18 News) - A protest organizer was arrested for petit larceny for allegedly stealing a Tom Reed campaign sign, according to Jim Allard, Steuben County Sheriff.

Gary McCaslin, from Corning, is a leader of the group Citizens for a Better Southern Tier.

Yard signs paid by Tom Reed's campaign were disappearing previously, leading them to put tracking devices in signs, according to Abbey Daugherty, Communications Director for Tom Reed's campaign.

The tracking device lead them to McCaslin's home, according to Daugherty. In a video, published by the campaign, someone is seen approaching McCaslin at his home.

McCaslin can be heard in the video saying, "I don't know anything about a GPS tracker. I can't believe you tracked this sign to my house. Is Tom Reed that desperate, that he has to put little things like that inside of a sign to track it?"

McCaslin has to appear in Corning City Court at a later date.


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