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Corning residents hold vigil for Michelle Neurauter

CORNING, NY (18 News) - Friends and loved ones gathered at Dwight Avenue Thursday evening, to remember the life of Michelle Neurauter and pay tribute to victims of domestic violence.

"Not only had a father lead his daughter to kill her mother, but that he had killed another human being," Marianna Raho, a friend of Neurauter's said. "I can only Pray to God that he mulls that over for a very, very long time in prison for the rest of his life."

Neurauter was found dead in her home in August. Police announced Wednesday night that they arrested Neurauter's daughter and ex-husband in connection to the death.

Karrie Neurauter, 20,  is being held at the Steuben County Jail. Lloyd Neurauter, 45, is in a New Jersey jail, waiting for extradition back to New York

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