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Corning residents pushing against comfort care home on their street

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - People in one Corning neighborhood are pushing back against a possible hospice care facility on their road. 

South Corning residents are concerned over Bampa's House, a potential comfort care home that will be built at the end of Brown Road if approved. 

At a Town of Corning planning board meeting on Tuesday night, both the residents and hospice care facility hopefuls will share their sides. 

Bampa was a man by the name of Jim Dugan who passed from cancer and his family says it was hard for them to find an appropriate place for him to spend his final days which is how they thought of the hospice care facility.

The intimate home would house no more than two patients at a time. 

"No one here on this road is against what they stand for," Steve Schwarz, a resident since 2001, said. "No one. Not a single person. It's just where they're going to put this in the neighborhood, that is 100 percent neighborhood and no other buildings per say for businesses."

Joan Wilson, the board of directors president, wants the public to know that Bampa's House will operate as a nonprofit organization. 

"Calling us a business hurts a little bit because we know we're a family," Wilson said. 

The family has applied for a conditional use permit which would allow a slight variance from the residential zoning. 

Other concerns from residents include increased traffic on their quiet road. There are no sidewalks, so neighbors are worried about their child's safety while playing outside. 

Parking is another concern. With volunteers and families visiting, residents believe there will not be enough room on the road, but Wilson says there will be plenty of parking available on the approximately two acres that they hope to build on. 

Bampa's House believes their mission is so important for the whole community that it's asking the residents to solve the issues together with the nonprofit. 

"We're happy to train our volunteers to be cautious and careful, but I have to tell you, the people who are our volunteers, they're already very responsible, caring people," Wilson added. 

Schwarz said that the residents are willing to donate money to Bampa's House if they find another location to build it on. 

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