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Corpse flower blooms outside for the first time

ITHICA, N.Y. (18 news) - The first corpse flower to bloom outside blossomed Tuesday at the Minns Garden at Cornell University. 

The flower is known for its foul smell and large size, that can grow up to nine feet tall. 

Dozens gathered to smell and take pictures of the flower. 

Karl Kiklas said its uniqueness is what is attracting people. 

"It is just such a bizarre combination of characteristics and it is really elegant," Kiklas said. "The inflorescence looks like rotting flesh. It is designed like a giant chimney. When it's ready to be pollinated, it generates heat. We measured the tip of the inflorescence at 106 degrees."

Some corpse flowers only bloom once every few decades. There is no prediction on when the plants will grow. 

"We were just lucky to have the right timing," Kiklas said.

The flower is said to wither down by Wednesday and anyone wanted to see the flower for themselves is urged to go as soon as possible. 

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