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Court order allows Tops to start closing stores

ROCHESTER, NY (WROC) - A court order will allow Tops Markets to start closing stores and begin liquidating.

The order follows the company filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February. At the time, the chain's leader said it was looking deal with a large portion of its debt.

Last month, WIVB reported that had filed a motion to close an unknown number of stores.

In the motion, corporate leaders wrote: "A few (Tops) stores have consistently underperformed. Historically, these underperforming stores, among other things, are subject to above-market rent, are in regions oversaturated with supermarkets, or are too large."

While the order allows Tops to close locations, it's not clear if the company will shut down any stores and how many could ultimately be impacted.

Last month, Tops told WIVB: "No decisions have been made about potential store closings." 

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