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Cyberbullying being handled in the new school year

CORNING, N.Y. (18 News) - A new school year is underway, but there is a growing concern for cyberbullying and its consequences. 

Michael Ginalski, the Superintendent of the Corning Painted Post School District said it is a daily issue. 

"On average, we deal with it at some level every single day," Ginalski said. "I think every school district in America is dealing with bullying." 

Ginalski said cyber bullying is the main concern. 

"I could have an administrator at the high school whose sole job is just to manage social media bullying." said Ginalski. "That's how these kids are bullying each other these days, through their various Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat accounts."

Ginalski said social media has made it difficult for students to escape the bullying of every day life. 

"It's an amazing thing for me, coming from a previous generation, watching these kids bully each other in 140 characters on Twitter," he said. 

Cyberbullying can lead to many serious consequences, such as suicide. 

New statistics from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, show an astonishing increase in teen suicides nationwide. According to the CDC, the suicide rate of girls ages 15-19 doubled from 2007-2015. For teen boys, it increased 30% in that same eight year period. 

Suicide is a topic that many may be afraid to talk about, and one that Ginalski hopes to take from out of the shadows. 

"A lot of communities are afraid to talk about it because you want to show respect for families and it is such a private issue," he said. 

Ginalski said one of the main goals of this school year is to take more aggressive action towards bullying prevention. A rigorous case study conducted recently, with students and community members, will allow the School District to use that information to better help the issue. 

"Not only is it the expectations we place on them, but it's society in general. This is a tough time to grow up," the Superintendent said. 

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