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Drone Goes Missing Over Keuka Lake

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - "If I think of it as an expensive disposable camera, it makes me feel a little better." Says Paul Arndt who was describing the feeling he has after losing his drone while filming a TV series over Keuka Lake.

Arndt and his crew were on their last day of filming, they had everything packed and ready to go when Arndt's father suggested that they grab one more shot to make sure it was perfect before they went back home to Illinois. Shortly after the drone, Wilber, took off they lost signal and Wilber never returned to the crew.

"I would guess it's in the middle of the lake, just because we were probably about 1000 feet from shore and then another 1000 to 1500 from the other shore. Just the way the drones are designed they're connected to about 15 to 20 different satellites at any given time so they're very stable in the air with the GPS." Arndt says.

Luckily enough for Arndt and his production crew, which also happens to be his family, they dump their footage to a computer everyday after a shoot, so the footage that was lost wasn't too important. But why would a family from Illinois come all the way to the Finger Lakes region to film a TV series?

"We love your area, my dad kind of fell in love with it when he visited about 15 years ago, after reading a diary that was written about 100 years ago by someone from up there. Then fell in love with the area and decided to write this story and decided to have it filmed up there." Arndt said. Along the same lines, this is the first time that they have created a fictional piece and are all excited as many people in the Arndt family are involved in this production.

If you are interested in keeping up with the Arndt family and their productions you can follow their Facebook page Facebook.com/famteamtv.

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