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Elmira Correctional Facility memorial service

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - On Monday, we honor the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our nation.

Today seven names where added to the memorial garden on the grounds of the Elmira Correctional Facility. 

Often times, when we think about Memorial Day, we think about the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. But, there is another branch of men and women that protect us on the home front; and they come in the form of correctional officers. 

Supt. Ray Coveny, who is the superintendent of the Elmira Correctional Facility, says the great work these men and women do, often gets lost in translation. Many do not realize that these people do a job most can't or don't want to do. 

Senator. Tom O'Mara was at the ceremony and he said, "It's just great to come pay tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to protecting us. Keeping us safe by keeping criminals behind bars,and risking their own life and safety each day."

Elmira Correctional Facility is a maximum security prison, and crime continues to rise. Officials say, assaults on correctional officers is up fifty percent. Inmate on inmate crime is up by seventy percent. 

Speakers talked about the bravery that these men and women display every single day. They also mentioned that it is important to honor the memory of those who are no longer here, by paying respect to those individuals that are still serving. 

We thank the men and women that serve the state of New York with dignity and honor. 

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