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Entrepreneurs share and help one another, and beginners

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - At the Elmira Entrepreneurs Group's boot camp, each person there was an entrepreneur-- taking an idea and mixing it with a personal drive.

They helped one another achieve new goals and helped new people get a solid footing. The group held their workshop Wednesday night at the Economic Opportunity Program offices in Elmira. 

"The idea is to help entrepreneurs get from the ideas that they have to build them into a real business and make money" Nancy Kirby, the executive director of Incubator Works and one of the organizers, said. "The way help them is to connect them to entrepreneurs and residents."

It is never to late or too early to start. 

"When I was 15, I started off by finding a need," Shaun Marks, an entrepreneur turned real-estate developer, said. "A lot of the kids my age had nothing to do so I started my first business which was an arcade."

His arcade venture would eventually turn into a real estate business. Now he helps other people with dreams turn them into reality. He said Elmira and the surrounding area is a great place to do it.

"Entrepreneurship is so incredibly important especially in a market like this where innovation is so incredibly necessary. The old ways of doing business, the old economy, is never going to come back," Marks said. "So it's crucial that we really catalyst innovators to come forth and that we cultivate innovators from our community. That's the only way to bring the city back."

Kirby said she hopes these entrepreneurs also stay and hire in the Southern Tier.

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