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Finn Academy receives poor evaluation from SUNY

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - A new report has a scathing evaluation for the Finn Academy in Elmira.

Following the dismissal of Maggie Thurbur as Head of School in January, Elmira's new charter school isn't seeing much improvement. 

The School Evaluation Report by the SUNY Charter Schools Institute address the academic success of a school and the effectiveness and viability of the school organization. 

Within the report, the SUNY Charter Schools Institute said: "Low quality instruction is evident throughout Finn Academy. Lesson activities do not engage students or develop depth of understanding and higher-order thinking and problem solving skills."

18 News hopes to have reaction from Finn Academy's Board of Trustees for you Tuesday. 

For the full report from the SUNY Charter Schools Institute, click here.

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