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Flu Emergency: When to Seek Medical Attention

SAYRE, P.A. (18 NEWS) - Widespread flu cases are being reported through all 50 states with the exception of Hawaii. The Twin-Tiers is no exception, but the biggest factor in where the flu is being seen most depends on the population of the area. "It's strange, it depends on how much contact people are having," Said Dr. Michael Gum, System Director of Pharmacy for Guthrie, he continues by saying, "That's the way the flu spreads, so the more people the more contact the more disease there's going to be and this year it's been a particularly bad year and we predicted that."

But when should you seek medical attention if you begin to experience flu like symptoms and when should you wait it out. According to Dr. Gum anyone who is living with underlying health conditions they should seek medical attention immediately as they are the ones that are most at risk. Others who should consider going to a doctor would include the very young as well as the elderly.  

Even though there is a flu vaccine available and it is the easiest form of protection from the flu for not only yourself but your friends and family many people choose not to get one.

If you haven't gotten the shot and still want to don't worry, it's not too late. "It is never too late to get the flu shot!" Says Dr. Gum, he continues by saying, "That is the number one thing that people can do to protect themselves and we preach that all the time. Today tomorrow next week, preferably today, but it is never too late."


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