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FLX Boating Museum's new education building, boat auction

HAMMONDSPORT, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The Finger Lakes Boating Museum in Hammondsport has much to look forward to this weekend. 

It'll be a little bigger when it reveals its new building, the Al Wahlig Education Center, on Saturday thanks to help of grants and over 150 donors. 

The facility is named after the late Al Wahlig, a board of trustees member who died this spring.

The building boasts a wood milling shop, outboard motor restoration room, and the teaching room where visitors will restore and build boats, but only under one condition.

"So long as it was a Finger Lakes-built boat," Edward Wightman, the FLBM board of trustees president, said. "It had to have been built here in the 14 counties of the Fingers Lakes because that's our mission."

Preserving and teaching people of the boat-building heritage of the Finger Lakes is what they're dedicated to. 

Wightman, who grew up in Bath but spent summers on the lake, is loyal to maintaining the history of the nearly hundred-year-old treasures.

"If it was a boat that wasn't built here, like a lyman, no," Wightman said. "The lymans were built out in Ohio. No, we don't do lymans."

The museum is also hosting its third annual boat auction, open to the public, with 54 boats up for grabs.

Lastly, Saturday marks three years since the museum opened its doors to visitors, so you can bet the day will be quite the celebration. 

The auction will begin at 10:00 A.M. and the ribbon-cutting of the education center will follow immediately after around 11:45 A.M. 

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