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Former police officer explains who could be at fault after accident involving State Trooper

BRUNSWICK, N.Y. (WTEN) - New York State Police have released more details on a crash involving a trooper's car that sent a man to the hospital.

It happened around 1:15pm Friday on North Lake Avenue in Brunswick.

State Police say Trooper Alan Hughes was responding to an attempted suicide with his siren and lights activated.

As he approached Valley View Drive, 24-year-old Bridget Haggerty was making a left turn.

Trooper Hughes tried to pass her vehicle on the left side, and instead struck it and ran off the road, hitting a man on his lawnmower and flying over two front yards.

Police identified that man as 70-year-old Anthony Doyle, who neighbors call Tony. He was transported to Albany Medical Center and is recovering from a concussion, a laceration to his head and several broken ribs.

Trooper Hughes suffered a sprained wrist.. Haggerty wasn't injured.

However, questions remain about the incident.

"Sometimes a siren isn't heard. We know the lights are not seen," Former Troy Police Captain, John Cooney said.

Based on the information released, Former Troy Police Captain, John Cooney said the trooper was following protocol.

"We have a trooper proceeding per the law and we have a driver not pulling to the right per the law," he said.

How fast Trooper Hughes was going remains under investigation, because while law enforcement members can drive above the speed limit when responding to emergencies, they have to do so in a safe manner.

"As long as we do not unnecessarily endanger life or property," Cooney said.

When considering speed, several factors can cross their mind.

"Based on visibility, based on the nature of the roadway, based on possible pedestrian activity," Cooney said.

Ultimately, though they're hoping other vehicles on the road are following the law by pulling over to the right. If not, it could result in serious consequences.
"It's very difficult and at times almost impossible for the officer to respond in any way, except for a collision to occur," he said.

That may have been the case in Brunswick, but we'll have to wait to find out until the investigation is complete.
"We just see that sometimes unfortunate circumstances come together at the same time," Cooney said.

At this time no charges or tickets have been filed.

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