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Hanover Square sees string of new store fronts

HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Local businesses are settling in their new home in the business and historic district of Horseheads. 

A group of new store fronts recently opened on West Franklin Street of Hanover Square such as antique stores, restaurants and yoga.

Daisy May Mercantile opened for business on Sept. 21 and the owners are already taking in everything Hanover Square has to offer.

"I love it, I've always loved Hanover Square, and the history, it's so much fun there's, you know, just so much foot traffic it's what's amazing," Marie Rosplock-Redder, co-owner of Daisy May Mercantile, said.

The area holds history close to its heart, giving Hanover Square that unique feel.

Other store fronts are available for rent for those looking to open one in the area.



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