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Heavy rains and flooding impact pumpkin crops this season

ELMIRA, N.Y. - Due to heavy rains and flooding this season, pumpkins and other crops have been severely impacted. 

At Chamberlain Acres, owner Charlie Todd says that the price of pumpkins may rise this year due to a loss in the crop.The rain has caused pumpkins to either rot earlier or not grow as big. Too much water suffocates the plant. 

With less pumpkins available to farmers, the price could go up for farmers markets and other places who want to purchase them.

Charlie is noticing that some of his smaller pumpkins are starting to rot faster or have mold due to the excessive moisture.

He says that while the rarity of pumpkins this season will not effect his pumpkin prices, he does think that there will be a long term effect as the season goes on and pumpkins have to be replaced. 

For now, you can get pumpkins of all sizes at Chamberlain Acres in Elmira. 

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