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Hornell City School District bus route concerns

The Hornell City Schoo District starts school September 6th. Instead of back to school excitement, some parents worry about the safety of their children. 

Daniel Russell has lived in the same apartment complex on Fairlawn Avenue for twelve years. He has sent his twelve year old son to school each year on a school bus. This year, Hornell Junior High sent Russell a letter, notifying him that there would be no bus stop this year, and his son would have to walk. 

The road sits on a hill, and is under construction right now. The construction, along with the railroad at the bottom of the bill, no sidewalk, speed limit signs, or lights, worry Russell. 

"That side is so steep even when I walk I have to almost run because my body has to keep going forward," Russell said. "Plus there's the railroad tracks the kids have to cross. It's just totally unsafe." 

The reasoning for the change of rules is because the school will not provide bus transportation to anyone living 1.5 miles or less to the school. However, Russell said the students safety should be a priority. 

"I don't feel its safe at all," Russel said. " I don't feel comfortable with it at all." 

According to the Hornell City Hall, the construction will eventually turn into apartment building, housing 63 units. This would ultimately mean more families with children living in the district that would also have to walk this path to school. 

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