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How to stay safe during an active shooting

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 News) - Nearly 60 people killed and over 500 injured in a Las Vegas mass shooting brings up the question, what to do if there is an active shooter?

Kristin Card, Chemung County Deputy Director of Emergency Management, said there are some things that are out of our control. 

"All the advantages he had, it was a big outdoor venue, it was on the street, but there is no way to sanitize or look at all the buildings that were surrounding the venue," Card said, 

However, there are things that people can do that are in their control, especially in large outdoor venues, such as Tags and others in the area. 

"You can escape the situation safely, try to escape, if it's impossible for you to escape then hide, and be prepared to fight if you need to," Car said. "It's called run, hide, fight." 

That type of thinking on your feet could mean life or death. Card encourages situational awareness and knowing what your surroundings are. 

Experts have many different tips, such as running in a pattern rather than a straight line to become more unpredictable for the shooter. 

Although a traumatizing event, Card says not to live in fear. 

"You always have risks in your life," Card said. "You can get in a car accident, but do we stop driving? We take risks, it's weighing the risk and saying how much of a risk is this." 

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