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Hurricane Harvey floods memories of Hurricane Agnes: The Flood of '72

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Hurricane Harvey caused more than two feet of rain in some areas. Locals have been forced to evacuate, many with destroyed homes, now left with nothing. 

The scene is all too familiar for Elmira residents. In 1972, Hurricane Agnes caused severe flooding to the region. Frederick Buchholz Jr. worked for the national guard and recalled the time as if it were yesterday. 

"It'll never be the same," Buchholz said. "I came down to the city by the water board. I saw the water come on over the dike, and by the time I got from Water Street to Church Street, it was already coming up from behind me from West Elmira. I was neck deep getting the people out." 

Although it happened 45 years ago, the aftermath is still felt today. 

"They tore down all the buildings on Water Street and there were a lot of local businesses there, that are now gone," Buccholz said. 

Kristin Card, Deputy Director of Chemung County Fire and Emergency Management, said it can happen anywhere.  

"The other day i was talking to someone about Texas, and said it is their Agnes," Card said. 

Card said mother nature is never predictable but there are preventable measures that could be taken. Her major tip is to have a small bag handy incase of an emergency with important items, including medications and non perishable foods. 


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