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It's time to rev up your lawn mower for spring

BIG FLATS, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Gas powered lawn mowers take a beating during the summer months and even during the winter, while hibernating in your garage.

You probably stowed your lawn mower away already but Robert Reigelsperger, a service manager at Lindsey Equipment in Big Flats tells 18 News to check your equipment ahead of time to beat the maintenance rush in the spring.

"Our phone rings non stop all day long," said Reigelsperger it gets very, very difficult to respond quickly to everybody."

If you did not winterize your outdoor equipment before storing it away, Reigelsperger recommends to check on the following before spring:

1.  Be ready, check out your equipment well before you and everyone else needs it.
2.  Battery: Check connections and ability to hold a charge.  Service locations will test, charge and have replacements available.

3.  Fuel:  Buy clean fuel and keep it clean, high octane, non ethanol fuel and over the counter stabilizers are recommended to keep fuel from separating.  Service locations will accept contaminated fuel and used oil.
4.  Tires:  Inflate or fix now, if tires remain flat, they can crack.  They may never hold air.
5.  Oil:  Check level every use,  change oil and filter at least once a year, more often with heavy use.  Dispose of used oil at certified facility.
6.  Noise and vibration:  If you hear a strange noise or new vibration, chances are something may be wrong.  Check it out now, because if you break down in May, you better bake a pie for your neighbor to mow your lawn for 2 weeks to a month.  

Reigelsperger also adds "If you need service or repair from a shop, doing it in February is going to be quicker and probably cheaper than May, and you will be ready to mow when the grass grows!"

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