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Last day to donate to Salvation Army

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The Salvation Army that serves Steuben County was $10,000 behind its goal as of Wednesday morning.

Times are changing and with the heavy volume of credit card possession, many people don't carry change, which could suggest why the organization is behind its goal.

The Salvation Army does have a place on its website where it accepts donations, but mostly in southern states does it have a device to swipe credit cards in person.

"It's something that I hope, in the next two, three years, we're going to be able to use it in every location in the Salvation Army, but it's coming," Capt. Raul Rivera said. "We can't deny technology [and] electronic devices and that's something that we're going to use in every stand in the bell ringer location."

Its goal is $60,000 which it must raise by Saturday, December 23. Campaigns usually run until Christmas Eve, but because bell ringers don't stand on Sundays, the organization is missing out on a crucial day. 

Republicans like City Councilman Frank Muccini rang the bell on Wednesday with democrats doing the same the day before. 

The campaign began on November 10 and the $60,000 needed only really helps families for half the year.

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