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Learning the signs of heat exhaustion

SAYRE, Pa. - Now that summer is here, we can expect many more heat waves between now and September. It's important to learn how to read your body and know when you're overheating. 

Some of the more well known symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, extreme thirst and excessive sweating.

What some people may not know is you can be suffering from heat exhaustion and not even know it. 

David Romig, a nurse practitioner at Robert Packer Hospital says that people who take a lot of medication should be extra careful. 

"There are many medicines that effect the way your body responds. Not only does it effect the way your body responds, but it effects the way you feel  the heat." Nurse Romig said.

"You need to talk to your pharmacist and be aware that you could have heat exhaustion or heat stroke without even knowing its coming on."

Nurse Romig adds that when you stop sweating that is a sign that you desperately need to get into the shade. 

Hallucinations, and an altered state of consciousness are also ways to tell if you are close to heat stroke.





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