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Liam Hickey: The boy with a wish

VAN ETTEN, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - He's cute, he's funny, and he's going to Disney World.

Liam Hickey is an active, loving, and kind 4-year-old. To the world he just "normal", but they don't know is that he is one in a million, literally.

Liam was born with an invisible illness. A rare type of skeletal dysphasia, called Opsismodysplasia. It's a condition that less than 2 dozen people in the world have. 

He's 4, with the bone age of a newborn. He shrinks as he grows because his bones can't support his body.

Liam has spent countless hours in doctors offices and hospitals.Traveling to and from Rochester and Syracuse for treatment. Still with all the traveling, pain and appointments, nothing can hinder is zeal for life.

Thanks to the Make - A - Wish Foundation, in just a matter of days, this sweet boy and his loving family will head to Disney World. Liam isn't the only one excited about this trip.

This is a trip of lifetime, the whole family deserves.

Liam's life hasn't been easy, but that cant and wont stop him from being a kid with dreamer. After all, this trip serves as a reminder, that dreams really do come true.

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