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Liberty, PA - Tornado Aftermath

(WETM-TV) - After a confirmed tornado touched down in parts of Tioga and Lycoming county Pennsylvania, the National Weather Service (NWS) surveyed the damage and Meteorologist Dylan DeBruyn was there to find out the latest information.

The storm traveled from parts of Tioga county PA to Lycoming county PA where the NWS in State College, PA then determined the tornado damage found in Lycoming county was indeed caused by an EF2 Tornado. 

This signifies winds of at least 115-120 MPH. A large swath of trees showed the tornado signature between Liberty and Buttonwood, PA.

Peter Jung, a National Weather Service employee stated, "When we survey we look for some clues that there was some rotation or convergence in the storm path. What we are seeing here is obviously some convergence. We have trees going west to east. Luckily no one was injured and hopefully people were taking heat of the warnings and taking shelter."

A drone was even brought in to help with spotting damage from the sky - using technology to better indicate tornado signatures otherwise difficult to see from the ground. 

Luckily the tornado touched down in very rural and wooded areas - so no injuries were reported. A full report will be available late tonight or early Thursday. 

Daniel Dorman, the EMA Coordinator for Lycoming county told us  "...this particular isolated area is very rural so we did not have a lot of 911 calls for injuries, property damage, it was isolated to a wooded area and what we are hearing from the locals is there is very little in building damage."


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