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Local attorney enters race for Chemung County Legislature seat

WEST ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - A new challenger is entering the race for Chemung County Legislature.

Her name is Christina Sonsire and she is running on the Democratic and Conservative tickets.

She announced her candidacy Tuesday afternoon in West Elmira, now facing incumbent Dr. Cornelius Milliken.

Some of the issues she said she wants to tackle are industry and jobs, as well as the fiscal health of the City of Elmira.

Sonsire is an attorney by profession and said he experience as a lawyer would allow her to be analytical in the legislature.

"When I'm tackling an issue, I'm always looking at it from both sides, Sonsire said. "I'm always asking myself, 'what would the opponent say,' in formulating the arguments on either side."

Sonsire said she would also utilize mandates appropriated to the legislature that she says "aren't being done." That includes issuing subpoenas on records, people and calling for citizen commissions if needed.


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