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Local K-Mart On List of Stores Set to Close in 2018

SAYRE, Pa., (18 NEWS) - A K-mart in the Northern TIer will shut its doors this spring after the company announced Thursday another round of store closings.

SEARS Holdings, which owns both SEARS and K-mart, said It's closing another thirty-nine SEARS locations, and sixty-four K-mart stores.

The K-mart located at 2900 N. Elmira Street in Sayre was on the list and is set to close in early April. Closeout sales at the affected locations will begin next week, with all 103 locations shuttered by May.

SEARS Holdings declined to say how many employees will lose their jobs. However, the company said eligible associates will receive severance pay and have the chance to apply for open positions at remaining K-mart or SEARS locations.

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