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Local lightsaber academy teaches LudoSport

BATH, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - New to the game of LudoSport, but determined to spread the message, Jeremy Keller is a personal trainer, ninja warrior coach, gymnastics coach, yoga instructor and now the rector for Finger Lakes LudoSport.

He holds the lightsaber academy at Elmira Fitness Center where he teaches adults as well as children as young as eight years old. 

Keller flew out to San Francisco for training and says all members across the world are trying to create a sense of community. 

"We have this motto, SeCuRi, which is service, care, and respect which are the tenements of what we do," Keller said. "It's a very including group of people and I just instantly fell in love with it."

Neither the sport nor the academy is affiliated with Star Wars or Disney, but he was at the Arnot Mall on Thursday night trying to get Star Wars moviegoers to sign up.

Running on a progressive system, you learn Form I starting with basic Shii-Cho and move up the ranks. It takes about 14 years to reach the top. 

You have to earn your belt, your overtunic, and your undertunic. Beginners start with just a battle t-shirt and pants. 

You also have to use a blue colored light saber until you achieve a certain rank. The lightsabers are made of polycarbonate plastic and aluminum and have some weight to them. They're also the only brand that are motion-activated.

Keller hopes to make people feel more connected and active. 

"If I can get kids off their butts, sitting down playing video games and come play a real video game with me, I consider that a win," Keller said. 

LudoSport was created in Italy. The annual international competition took place in November in Milan. 

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