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Local Reaction to Sexual Misconduct Allegations

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, and now Matt Lauer; these are just a few of the men at the center of some of the most highly publicized cases of alleged sexual misconduct.

18 News spoke with patrons on Corning's Market Street to get their reactions to it all.

 "I think some of this is quite exaggerated but apparently some of it is horrifying," Flying Hills, Pa. resident Patricia Long said

"I think it's ironic that all these people that are finally being persecuted for this are very wealthy people," Rochester resident Sue Grau said. I've never heard of anybody pointing their finger at a poor man. So, I have issues with that."

"I think it's becoming too political and I think they need to take the politics out of it,"  Horseheads resident Tim Dolley said.

Some remember a time when it was quite normal to receive unwanted advances in the workplace.

"I'm from the generation of nurses who were kind of accustomed to maybe a little hugging and touching and rubbing of the elbow and it seemed harmless," Long said.
"I don't think it's anything new, we didn't reinvent the wheel," Grau said. "I think it's things that have been going on for a lot of years."

And in a lot of places, Washington D.C. included, as Minnesota senator Al Franken, Michigan representative John Conyers and Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore have all been accused of sexual misconduct.

Congressman Tom Reed said it's time to pass legislation that mandates training and puts zero tolerance policies into place.
"I think it's only appropriate that we adopt this legislation in the house, to make sure that workplace rights and responsibilities in the workplace are understood," Reed said.

Reed said there has been a sexual harassment policy in place at his office since he first got to Washington. A lawyer for Lauer's unnamed accused said all she asked of NBC, is that they do the right thing.

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