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Local Students Participate in Kids World Yoga Day

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - It's kids world yoga day and students from Finn Academy in Elmira joined nearly 35,000 students worldwide in participating in yoga exercises this afternoon. 

"They love using yoga, and it's really part of our daily routine," said Kristen Kramarik, a kindergarten teacher at Finn Academy who helped organize this within the school. "So they're really used to it and they love learning new poses and new words for different poses and we're about to kick off our testing- state testing season for our older kids so it's really great to have that first to get them calm and ready to take the tests."

Yoga is thought to create wellness within your body, but what benefits can it have for these young people engaging in the activity? "The children need it to really quiet their mind and just to take a break and to focus on their breath to move through some breathing exercises and to just calm their mind," said Brooke Macnaughton, a local yoga instructor who was at Finn Academy to walk the students through a routine.

Macnaughton typically teaches adults yoga routines, so how does she feel the event this afternoon went with nearly 300 eyes watching her every move. "It was a different setting but they were prepared, and it was very helpful with the teachers, and being that there were 300 children I was very proud how quiet they were and how engaged that they were, so it was an honor to be here," Macnaughton said.

Kramarik says during this event it was the quietest the students have ever been and Macnaughton says more schools should begin incorporating these routines into their curriculums.

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