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More details emerge in arrest of woman accused of killing Megan Dix

HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - Details are emerging about the arrest of the woman accused of shooting and killing Megan Dix.

Holly Marie Colino, 31, is being held in the Monroe County Jail after police say she shot and killed 33-year-old Megan Dix.

Dix was in her car, on a lunch break at the time of the incident in Brockport on Friday.

Police arrested Colino at the Henrietta Holiday Inn on Jefferson Road Monday, after she approached another woman with a gun.

The owner of Sticky Lips says that one of his employees was walking out to her car after a shift when she saw Colino pacing back and forth. Colino asked her what she was looking at and pointed a gun at her.

Colino then backed down, and walked into the Holiday Inn where she was staying. 

The staff at Sticky Lips called 911, and that's when the deputies responded around 5 p.m. Monday. They later apprehended Colino inside the hotel, but the Sheriff's Office says she was able to slip out of a handcuff and flee from deputies.

Prior to bolting from deputies, Colino was only going to be charged with Menacing. 

"Obviously that's concerning to us that she could get beyond one of our protocols and processes that we have in place," said Monroe County Sheriff, Patrick O'Flynn

O'Flynn also said Wednesday, Colino was found after more than two hours of searching, and was detained again and interviewed. Authorities say that's when she admitted to the murder of Dix.

"She provided details, she was very lucid about the details she was providing. There were ramblings throughout the investigation and throughout the interview," said O'Flynn. 

Colino is facing charges of Second-Degree Murder and Second-Degree Criminal Possession of a weapon. Both of which are felony charges. 

O'Flynn said here's an ongoing internal investigation into Colino's escape from the Sheriff's Office substation in Henrietta.

"Obviously that's concerning to us that she could get beyond one of our protocols and processes that we have in place," said O'Flynn

There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered. Police are still working to find how she became in possession of two guns, a .380 semi-auto pistol and a .38, that were found on her when she was arrested.

Court documents allege Colino shot Dix in the head with the semi-auto pistol.

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