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Mother talks on March for Life rally experience, son with Down syndrome

WASHINGTON D.C. (18 NEWS) - The March for Life rally took place on Friday in Washington D.C.

Earlier this week, Margaret Black hit the road with her family and Sebastian, her young son who has Down syndrome, to march in the pro-life protest.

The mother of nine didn't go through any prenatal testing, so she didn't know Sebastian had the genetic disorder until he was born. That wouldn't have changed her mind anyway because abortion was and will never be an option for her. 

While at the rally, she was surprised at how well-received her message was. 

"People were willing to buy shirts and they would say, 'Oh my gosh, my niece has down syndrome or my nephew or my sister,'" Black said "It really touched me because I thought it's really special to be able to be here and have Sebastian be that voice for so many other people."

She sold t-shirts with Sebastian's face on it to spread Down syndrome awareness. A portion of the funds will go towards the Down syndrome community in the Twin Tiers. 

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