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New Family Life headquarters

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Family Life, a Christian organization, is moving its headquarters from Kanona to Corning in the old Harley-Davidson building. 

The non-profit began six decades ago. Today, the organization employs over 50 people with a radio station reaching about six million listeners. They also provide ministry, biblical counseling departments and performing arts. 

The current auditorium can fit just over 800 people, when packed together. However, at the new facility, well over 2,000 people can enjoy events comfortably. 

"We crawl all over each other, it's just every closet has become an office. This building is going to give us four times the space that we have now," Rick Snavely, President of Family Life, said. 

The project is slated at nearly 20 million dollars from private investments from contributions like listeners. 

"We could see, when we get into this building, somewhere from 15 to 20 new positions, not all full time, some will be part-time," Snavely said. "When we get into the second phase with the theater, we could see a similar number of people being added."

The new facility will be able to host multiple events year-round, an opportunity the organization is incapable of at the current headquarters due to lack of air conditioning and space. 

Some of the events will include, conferences, concerts, performing arts, and more. 

"Our dinner theaters and concerts that we do now, we have people who drive three plus hours to come because that's kind of the radius of the radio outreach right now" Snavely said. "We would anticipate somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 people coming to various events throughout a year's time."

The first phase includes retrofitting the existing building. Construction drawings will begin next month followed by phase two with creating performing arts center and a parking lot. 

Family Life anticipates selling the current headquarters and using the proceeds to cover new facility costs. 

Snavely says he hopes to begin the project in 2019 and finish in 2020. 



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