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New Health Education Center opens at Corning Community College

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Corning Community College unveiled its new Health Education Center on Wednesday, giving the public a chance to see what it has to offer. 

It mixes the aspects of a medical facility and classroom. So anyone interested in a nursing career and is looking at schools, you may consider Corning Community College's new Health Education Center.

It's within reach for aspiring nurses in the Twin Tiers and it's a drive away for nursing students such as Kaitlyn West.

"The instructors are amazing and they help us foster a great environment," West said, "and teach us exactly the kind of nurses we need to be."

The entire project was a collaboration between public and private enterprises. It was officially inaugurated by Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul in the early afternoon. The public got to celebrate later with food, drinks, music and a visit by the Red Baron-- the school's mascot.

Students will get a chance to work with real equipment and mannequins in simulation labs that recreate actual nursing scenarios. There will also be a new program called Community and Public Health.

"That's for those students who are interested in contributing in some way in the health field, but maybe the hands-on nursing isn't for them," Dr. Kate Douglas, CCC's president, said. 

But with openings in the healthcare industry across the region, Douglas says the school is doing its part.

"We also know that students who earn an associates degree from Corning Community College, eight out of 10 stay in this region or return to this region" Douglas said. "So we are training nurses for our region."

And West says she hopes to be one of those who stay.

"I want to be that positive influence on any patient that I see," West said. "I want to be that light that can get them through whatever hard time that they're doing."

A semester's tuition is about $2,500 and the college will offer express enrollment on Thursday. 


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