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New laws for New York State in 2018

NEW YORK STATE, (WSYR) - 2018 is bringing a handful of new laws to New York State. 

This year New York State middle-class families will save about one percent on their state taxes. That's an average of two-hundred and fifty dollars per family this year.

that new rate will be phased in over the next seven years. By 2025, Governor Cuomo says families can expect nearly seven-hundred dollars in yearly savings. 

Paid family leave is also expanding in 2018. Parents with a new child, anyone with a sick loved one or a family member in the military can get 10 weeks of job protected, paid time off next year.

That's another law that will be phased in and expected to be fully implemented. It will mean 12 weeks off by 2021. 

The minimum wage is going up around the state. The number varies by location in New York, but here in Upstate workers will see their wage raised to $10.40 per hour.

There are a number of other laws taking effect as we start the new year including more wage increases, and regulations to create a more transparent state government.

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