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New police officer is top-dog in the fight against crime and drugs

CANISTEO, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Meet Officer Dex. The 10-month-old Belgian Malinois dog is Canisteo's eighth officer and came all the way from Holland for the job.

"With the up rise in drug cases taking place and what-not, we felt this would be a huge benefit to our village and community," Chief Kyle Amidon of the Canisteo Police Department said.

He was hired for a price of $7,500. It was made possible by local donations through the Canisteo Police Club. 

The planning started seven months ago and Dex was brought abroad just last month. He is still being trained.

"We wanted a dog that could, obviously, be shown around other people," Amidon said. "We also wanted a dog that we could focus with the school as far with drugs in the school."

His main task is to help combat the rise in illicit drugs plaguing the area. His other assignments include helping in searches and serving as a thearpy dog for kids.

"It's going to benefit the community and hopefully, as we're always trying to do," The chief explained, "is bring our community closer to the police department and try to have the best community we can have."

Dex will be sworn-in in July.

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