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New snow removal app gaining popularity in Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC-TV) - A new app is available that will send a snow plow to your house within minutes of calling. 

If you need services, SnoHub will find a snow plow driver near you, and you will know exactly when the plow will arrive at your home.

You can also request salt applications on your driveway and sidewalks via SnoHub. No contract is needed for these services, and the price estimate is known before the driver arrives.

Joe Rodriguez is an electrician, but plows snow to make some extra cash.

Depending on the length of driveway and depth of snow, it could cost you a hefty amount. It costs a total of $59 for the first three inches of snow. For every inch more than that, it costs an additional $10. 

If your driveway is more than 100 feet long, you will face another charge.

All charges, however, are made after the services are complete.

The contractor will take before and after photos of the job site that will be verified by both the homeowner and SnoHub.

But some local contractors don’t believe this system will work.

Mike McClusky,owner of FAE Snowplowing in Rochester, says if we have more than seven days of heavy snowfall this season then you will end up paying more than if you had a contract.

But if you don’t have a contract, this might be the solution that will help dig you out.

James Albis, the founder of the app, says in order to provide a safe and reliable driver a SnoHub contractor must provide proof of insurance, a driver's license, and go through a background check before being hired.

So far, 35 contractors have been approved to work through the app, and 85 are going through the application process.

More than 400 people in Rochester have downloaded the SnoHub app.

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