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Number of confirmed tornadoes increase in Pennsylvania

(WETM-TV) - There are new developments tonight concerning severe weather that hit out area this week including numerous tornadoes. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) now saying at least 12 confirmed tornadoes in Pennsylvania with one impacting the Northern Tier. That is up from 10 confirmed this morning. 

The NWS is still surveying the storm damage after Tuesdays severe weather. Overnight we learned there was indeed a confirmed EF2 tornado that touched down near Liberty, PA on the boarder of Lycoming and Tioga County, PA. 

There wasn't much damage to buildings, but it did make a big impact with some power lines down and hundreds of trees scattered. The EF2 tornado near Liberty, PA was on the ground for about 5 minutes traveling 2.2miles in distance. That means it was traveling at a speed of over 26 miles per hour. 

Peter Jung of the National Weather Service in State College, PA stated "We were issuing the warnings and it looks like... we don't like to see damage and peoples property destroyed but.. the science kind of worked in well with what we actually saw developing with this storm. Luckily no one was injured."

Peter also said an EF2 tornado this time of year is unique and very rare. 

Clean up is continuing in areas impacted.

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