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Officials explain why parents were not notified immediately after alleged threat against school

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Parents of children who attend Broadway Academy asked why they were notified Monday night after an alleged threat? The so-called threat was received Monday Morning.

"We felt that we had done the appropriate thing," Robert Bailey, the principal at Broadway Academy, said. "Certainly we're sorry if parents are concerned about that. We'll continue to look at protocols moving forward."

That's the sentiment from Broadway Academy officials. The school district issued a Facebook statement and automatic calls were made to parents. Both stated there was no threat. 
"Most people saw nothing, it was hearsay," Bailey said. 

That threat was picture of someone brandishing a weapon on Snapchat. The message came from Alabama, according to the Chemung County Sheriff's Officer.

The Office added there was no direct threat to the Broadway Academy or any Elmira City school.

"We're 100 percent confident that the authorities in Alabama followed up on this matter for us did so appropriately," William Schrom, the Undersheriff explained, "spoke to the youth and spoke to his father."
Schrom said the teenager was in contact with a few students from Elmira. They spoke back-and-forth. The teenager had no other connections to Elmira and was not planning on traveling up here.
"Kid's believe that they actually hear more than what they actually heard," Schrom said. "They'll say they heard or saw something that they actually didn't see so we spend a lot of time and resources tracking that down."

He added these kinds of threats do happen often and are investigated. Thankfully they have not escalated. Schrom advised, if there is no immediate notification, chances are the threat is not credible.

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