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On top for 450 promised jobs, Wayfair could add even more jobs

BIG FLATS, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The online retail giant Wayfair is coming to Big Flats, promising 450 new jobs. There's a chance Wayfair could add even more jobs.

The company is expected to move into a former Corning Incorporated office building, by November, at the Airport Corporate Park in Big Flats.

"The company has indicated that there could be potential for expansion beyond the 450," Michael Krusen, the President of the Southern Tier Economic Growth, said. "Not to get to far ahead of ourselves, but they've indicated that if all goes well, they do need a call center that's going to actually add another 125 beyond the 450."

That would be a total of 575 jobs, with salaries of about $40,000 a year and benefits. Krusen said the area already has the right workforce.

"We know that we have a ready workforce as we've had some downsizing in our bricks-and-mortar retail," Krusen said. "This would give those individuals an opportunity to transition into the online retail."

Those are people that have worked in brick-and-mortar stores, competing with online stores. The competition has forced some of those stores to lay off workers.

If they're able to find work with Wayfair, Krusen said there could be a $20 million benefit to the local economy.

"People are out there buying cars, buying homes, shopping, restaurants, movies, they're out spending those dollars," He said. "Those create what we call 'indirect jobs' so that 450 jobs will have some net impact on creating indirect jobs as well."

Before the welcome mat gets rolled out, there's still work that needs to be done. The parking lot will be expanded and the building will inspected to make sure it meets local town codes.

"We're thrilled, we got the wind in our sails, good things are coming," Krusen said. "We're going to make sure we're ready to fill those positions."

Wayfair is already hiring for those positions on its website. As well, Krusen says recruitment will also be done through job fairs.

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