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Parent of Finn Academy Student Speaks Out

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - A parent of a student at Finn Academy is speaking out after the charter school received a less than exemplary evaluation from SUNY Charter Schools last month.

She said in a meeting on Monday night school board officials answered questions about issues like financial viability, but didn't explain much about some of the issues brought to light by the evaluation; like those regarding leadership at the school.

"Leadership is an important aspect in any school," parent Kristin Schamel said. "Again, you need someone who has the long-term history in a school as a building leader, as an administrator, to really look long term at what the needs of the population at the school are."

Schamel also said the school needs someone with a strong background in school administration to help new teachers.

"In a charter school situation, in a new school, there are some bright, wonderful, young teachers who have great ideas but need that seasoned leadership and that mentoring and that coaching and I think to eliminate the head of school position was really a disservice not just to do to the teachers but also to the students."

Schamel said the school board sent notices home to parents explaining that the evaluation comes as a result of "past systems" that were in place.

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