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Parents Still Concerned About Violence at Troy Area High School

Troy, Pa. (18 NEWS)- - Tensions are still high in one Northern Tier community weeks after a school shooting threat. 

"There's not a whole lot of trust in the school board and in the administration, they shut us off," a concerned mother said. 

A school shooting threat, alleged gang violence, student arrests, and the resignation of the district's superintendent...It's not what the residents of small, quiet Troy Pennsylvania are used to.

"There's a lot of angst yet there's a lot of tension and quite frankly it's not going to go down until we go day by day, week by week without anything," Troy Superintendent Charles Young said. 

Troy Borough Police Chief Anthony Morelli tells 18 News that 11 students have been arrested since the initial shooting threat for various crimes ranging from trespassing to harassment and assault. Superintendent Young says some of those students are back at school while others have not returned.

"We feel we've restored the balance in the building and that in fact things are back where they were prior to the threat we believe," Young said. 

Too scared to go on camera themselves, parents tell 18 News they've considered taking their children out of the district and homeschooling them. 

"He's supposed to be safe there so it's hard to watch him walk into the school when I drop him off every day and think my god am I going to see him at the end of the day?" a concerned mother said.  

At the beginning of the week police Chief Morelli confirmed that the FBI's Drug and Gang Task Force is now a part of the investigation. 18 News Reporter Samantha Lantz asked Superintendent Young for his reaction to their involvement...

"That can put some alarm into some people's minds, anything you can say about that?" Lantz asked. 

"I cannot comment, you just told me. That's the first I've heard that so I have no comment right now," Young said. 

"It's kind of worrisome that they're not on the same page and that nothing is communicated. I know that's a lot of our parent's concerns as well that nothing is being communicated from the school or from the police," a concerned mother said. 

"I don't think the district is taking it seriously and I relayed that message to them several times and like I said we're not too small for something like this to happen it's unfortunate but I think we need to address it now before it's too late," a concerned mother said. 

Superintendent Young says in light of recent threats, the school board is currently evaluating how to improve safety throughout buildings in the district. 

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